In my application, I have 2 windows : the main window and a window that's the capture window (a video for windows one) The main window receive it's messages and work fine. My question is : How can I intercept messages from the second window? This capture window is not a child window. I need to know when The user click the left button of the mouse over it, so he can drag it as it has no title bar... Tahnk you very much : Sergio A.S. de Aguiar - ssaguiar
Posted on 2001-01-20 11:33:00 by ssaguiar
use the SetWindowsLong API invoke SetWindowsLong ,hwnd2,GWL_WNDPROC,Offset SubClassWnd2 hwnd2 : the handle to the capture window GWL_WNDPROC : Win32 Constant SubClassWnd2 : New WndProc, windows directs all messages for the capture window to this proc. You can then perform extra processing as needed, then pass the messages on using the CallWindowProc function.
Posted on 2001-01-20 22:11:00 by steak