Hi Gang, I haven't seen a discussion about how people set up their development environment. I mean, apart from Hutch's MASM package, there are other things. I use Win2000SP1. There is a download from Microsoft that has symbols for all of the .exe, .dll, etc, along with a debugger that is supposed to do source level debugging in any language that has the proper debugging format. It's WinDbg. I've installed it, but I used to use SoftICE a lot, am getting a little sick of it 'halting the system' while I debug an application. Anyone have a good reference on using WinDbg? Or further information on importing all of the Win2KSP1 symbols into SoftICE? Just a thought. DrOwlFS
Posted on 2001-01-21 03:26:00 by DrOwlFS
I've got the Win98 symbols from the MS devstudio 6 package, but I haven't quite figured out how to load these into the VS / VC++ debugger, or is this supposed to be automatic? Also, is there any way to export Masm symbols so the Visual Studio debugger will use these in the disassembly instead of the mem offsets? Thanks in advance, anyone. -> Qweerdy
Posted on 2001-01-21 13:57:00 by Qweerdy