HI!! I just downloaded cpIce 1.0.5 - a CPU-Cooler like CPUIdle -, but it doesn't work. Wenn I include it in my system.ini I get the message that the driver is damaged when I boot up Windoze (I've w95 osr2). Now I want to reassemble the prog, but the inc-files vmm.inc and vmm32.inc are missing in my include-folder! I've just downloaded MASM32 and a lot of stuff more from this site (this big 4MB-Download), but I don't find these files. Can anyone please mail me this files? creash@gmx.net Thanks!! craesh
Posted on 2001-01-22 07:52:00 by craesh
Download Win98 DDK
Posted on 2001-01-22 19:44:00 by Iczelion