How i can send to and receiving from one program to another while they are runnig. Or in others words how to sicronize both programs ?. I am accepting ideas.Thanks.
Posted on 2001-01-22 21:30:00 by JR
There are several possiblitys, if yuo wish to pass large chunks of data via between your apps -create a dll with n shared section in it -create a FileMappingObject with the shared flag set (remember you can specfiy INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE for hFile) If its just syncronization you are after -create an event using CreateEvent, if the event already exist (identfied by a unique NULL string) trigger it. Else then call WaitForSingleObject to wait for it to be triggered. -test if a specifc window exists using FindWindow
Posted on 2001-01-23 04:55:00 by wEeD