Hello Mad ASM Sicenticts

Can I build a FireWall with-out writing a VxD.

I got cookies where i want them for the hell of it....This IS the best Little Commercial FIREWARLL THAT I know of.

TermiNET ...Go to lycos.com ...(I don't know HiM) Test it for a few months for yourself and ya see what i am talking about.

cmax... was... not... builed... in a day.(:)

BUT it D___ Good in my o- - bun-onion.... Beleieve me and you know i don't Lie...They Just beat me to the PUNCH....

All he want is $20.00 for the full version...But if you wait somebody might seen you something behind your back over
the internet that make it work for EVER and a DAY...

If that happen
(just reinstall Windows and I hope you as a programmmer don't have NOTHING on the C:\ drive BUT WINDOWS with all leads
DELETED at all times on GP....as it should be for a true Coders or sinsble user jUST IN cASE....He..He..He ( I CAUTCH IT WEAKNEST but it's still the BeST so far)

I plan to sent that guy his money because over all it the BEST Darn little FireWall that I have EVER used....even the
Big Boys don't have much overit that the Wizard don't konw about ...I plan or just wish someone would tell him to get
that MS Bull ____t out and write it in the bottom part of ( c ) or ASM, because if he don't,,, my program will beat
it out completely with-in the early New Year...... without a VxD ,Dlls and Pills....

I hate dlls,hooks,VxD's and other junk but if Bill and the boys force me to....I WILL....and Will Deal and Yank
some S___ out of MS A__ Toooooooooooooo if they Wish.
any ideas

cmax Rough...
Yes...Tell T I will be there...

Had penty of Rum today.... Don't let that cup spill over or we ALL will come to your House and K___you....A___
in your BackYard... (:)

hAPPY New Years Win32 Players
Posted on 2001-12-31 02:17:49 by cmax
Is it just me or are there any others who cannot really follow and figure out what cmax is talking about??

Nevertheless, happy new year from good old Cologne

Posted on 2001-12-31 04:55:53 by YaWNS
cmax sounds pretty stoned in that post.

Anyway, it's hard to write a good firewall without any VXD/KMD.
I don't think you can interface with NDIS without a driver, and a
firewall that isn't NDIS based... what then? A winsock wrapper?

http://www.tinysoftware.com - the best firewall I've found yet, and
it's free for personal use.
Posted on 2001-12-31 05:11:57 by f0dder
Is it just me or are there any others who cannot really follow and figure out what cmax is talking about??

in fact the same what i think after reading the post ;-)
what a luck that i smoke weed too *rofl*
i think he mean how to code a firewall or cookie blocker without hooks or dlls or vxd...and he had the idea by seeing a similar tool what cost 20$.

if u mean a cookie blocker only try this:
code a simple proxy and read the html content first before u send it to the explorer or what browser u use.
look how a cookie is called and search for this "string" and delete it.
the same u can do with java/script or axtiveX......

im actual working on such a program....slow but it should work someday :-)

happy new year.....
Posted on 2001-12-31 05:26:57 by Max
I feel high just reading the post. :)
Cheers everyone, and a happy new year!
Posted on 2001-12-31 09:55:14 by bitRAKE
Hi Max,

You wrote:
code a simple proxy and read the html content first before u send it to the explorer or what browser u use.

This is very interesting to me. I like the idea of reading html content, or urls if I can before the browser gets them. How exactly to do this? I don't mean exactly with code I mean where to start or how to start this procedure.

Happy NewYear:)

Posted on 2001-12-31 10:27:15 by czDrillard
If you go to www.junkbusters.com you may download their ad and cookie-buster prog that comes with gpl source.
Posted on 2001-12-31 11:02:06 by SFinegan
you can read the html content just simple.
let your tool act as a server between your browser and the internet.
if you send a ip to the server ,the server try to connect and read what he get back and send it to your browser.
you can test this by filling a memo or listbox with the recieved data and later you simply delete what you not want before you send it to the browser.
at the moment i try to rip the data for pop ups out ,if all works fine i post the source code here.

it works like:

in browser(client) ip
proxy (server) ip

1.browser send url to server - server send url to internet.
2.server get data from internet - server look for bad data - if found delete bad data
3.if all is ok server send data to browser where data is executed

something like this ,sorry im not good enough in english
to explain clear how this works to me.
lets see the sample.

happy new year <;-P
Posted on 2001-12-31 12:25:53 by Max
No more beer!!! :) lol... Actually it's very hard to create a firewall without Vxd's...Hmmm, I just wonder???...
Posted on 2001-12-31 13:24:07 by stryker
I screwup. I celibarted before newyears... now all i can do is sleep through it.

I Just checked wher i got TermiNET from.


Try it I bet you will really like.... f0dder in a few week could you tell us what you think is best.
Back in the day when i was looking for a FireWall It's was hard to find the down load page for Tiny but I than founed TermiNET but it did let me down once. Some one got in with a clever re-routhNet code of some kind. But I still found it in TermNET log files. I'm working on a program that works behide the seans that will add to catching these type problems for any FireWall.
Posted on 2001-12-31 16:02:18 by cmax