Gee, this is such a nice resource, and you guys work so hard getting it here too. BUT.... I just looked at the new board. I can't say I'm happy. Why? SEVEN areas covering asm. When I drop in to this place, I can scan down the first few posts and see what's been changed. Now, I'm gonna be forced to either keep a psper list of post counts, or visit essentially seven different forums to keep current with what I found in this one place. Ugh. Progress. No wonder I'm convinced technology reached it's ultimate apex with the invention of the fork.
Posted on 2001-01-24 00:21:00 by Ernie
I agree Ernie, I read most post related to what I'm doing and sometimes comes across the unexpected, gee that's interesting. Keep all MASM together in one thread. And, btw, well done guys for and excellent site. Cheers fiddler.
Posted on 2001-01-24 01:32:00 by fiddler
I have to join the parade here, too many categories make it too hard to keep track of. The new forum is faster and I think the work that has been done is great but it makes it harder to keep an eye on what is being asked. I would like to see all the MASM threads retained in one subject. Regards,
Posted on 2001-01-24 02:23:00 by Steve Hutchesson
Not knowing how Hiroshimator set it up, it is hard to comment on. But I can see both ways could be useful. I like to see all the new stuff together also, but there are times when I am looking for something specific and the different areas can speed my search. Can Hiroshimator set it up so that there is an "ALL" area that contains every area? You should be asked which area to post to if you post while in the "ALL" area. And, of course, "ALL" shouldn't be one of your choices. Great forum, no matter how you look at it, Onyx
Posted on 2001-01-25 11:38:00 by Onyx
Yes, for me one for all is OK. And a search function. also thanks for the work
Posted on 2001-01-25 18:21:00 by Test Department
Perhaps they can add a field to the database "Category" and then it could contain whatever category, so things could remain segragated if someone only wants that topic, and then there would be an additional choice call "View All" and it could just query all the results without respect to category and we get the same effect as one group with all posts... that shouldn't be too difficult. _Shawn
Posted on 2001-01-26 11:09:00 by _Shawn
you'll get your ALL forum. it just takes me time to code it all :grin:
Posted on 2001-01-27 02:50:00 by Hiroshimator
perhaps the feedback area could be seperated ... just an idea.
Posted on 2001-01-27 12:39:00 by Test Department
from the all you mean? of course and private forums too. That's right you can get a private forum if you have a project that needs it :)
Posted on 2001-01-27 12:42:00 by Hiroshimator