hi, i found out that the desktop window is actually a SysListView control. how can i get its handle?
Posted on 2001-01-27 08:41:00 by [SaFc0n]
Posted on 2001-01-27 09:54:00 by Iczelion
I always just used: hDesktop EQU 0 Is this a problem? (I would assume so if there is an API method to backstop it)
Posted on 2001-01-27 11:14:00 by Ernie
I believe if you use 0 as the handle to any graphics API like BitBlt it goes to the desktop, and actually in any windows version above Win95 the desktop window class will change depending on the settings you've got. Whether or not you have ActiveDesktop running or other funny sub apps. Also WinNT has multiple desktops, and Win2K does some other funny things I don't remember. See ya, Ben
Posted on 2001-01-27 22:16:00 by cyberben
icz, that's not what I'm looking for. i'm coding a program in which you can type in some coordinates to click and then close the window. but if my program clicks directly on the desktop it mustn't close the "window". if i try to get the desktop handle with GetDesktopWindow, it doesn't work. is there another possibility?
Posted on 2001-01-28 06:32:00 by [SaFc0n]
Hi , I made a prog which can get all the handle, the ID, ... of a control (I thank Iczelion because it uses the mousehook) but there is a bug (I shouuld fix it but i ve not the time) you shouldn't go in the about tab, just read the readme.txt to the instructions. Vom-bonjour:-() PS:you can also disable a control (even the desktop, and all controls...)
Posted on 2001-01-28 11:04:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()