how is code compiled with COM, i mean does the work do preprocessor or compiler? or is COM basiclly just set of rules how your code should be(like in example: you put your functions pointers in table, table name is blabla...etc) is it all mixed together?:P i know i must read some book but i am just trying to get some pre-book-study knowledge thank you all
Posted on 2001-01-27 22:49:00 by geecko
Basically COM is a communication protocol, it defines the interface between seperate modules of code. These modules may be different files loaded into the same process (dll's), or running in a seperate process, or a remote process across a network. COM is not a language, in fact it was specifically developed for no specific language. To define a COM interface, a seperate Interface Definition Language compiler may be used. This is a seperate compiler from any language. The code itself made be written on many compilers, such as MASM, C, C++, VB, Java,....
Posted on 2001-01-28 00:45:00 by Ernie