Hello all, I'm nothing but a beginner in VxD programming, so forgive me if I ask for obvious things. :-) I downloaded the VxD tutorial and I had some fun with it, but I have a problem. Is it possible to use 98 DDK to compile and like VxD for Windows 95? I tried, but even if I get no errors or strange warnings compiling and linking under W95, when I try to load the VxD, W95 says me that it is corrupted. There is some way to link for w95 using 98 DDK. Many thanks for you replay, if any :-) Ciao Mahatma
Posted on 2001-01-29 11:16:00 by mahatma
include /DWIN40COMPAT into the ml.exe command line.
Posted on 2001-01-29 20:23:00 by Iczelion
Thanks a lot for your replay: it works perfectly! I'm new to VxD programming, as I stated before, but if you wouldn't be so kind, where I found the answer to my question? There's some doc anywhere that you can advise me? Many thanks. Mahatma.
Posted on 2001-02-05 10:19:00 by mahatma
I found the answer in Usenet.
Posted on 2001-02-06 05:46:00 by Iczelion