does someone know how to read out the COM-Port, or more detailed, an attached modem and the AT-commands?:confused:

don't get it wrong, i'm not asking for code...but since i know that many people here have truly great knowledge, i decided to ask here.

maybe a simple overview of how to approach this problem?
i don't even know whats coming from the modem (ASCII?)
a hyperlink would be great, too.

thanks in advance
Posted on 2001-12-31 09:58:57 by sys64738
Open the com port for R/W.

Hayes Compatible modem commands:

ATDT9W555-1212 Tone dial 9, wait, 5551212
ATDP Pulse dial
ATH0 Hang up
ATA Answer
ATO Resume communication -- Use after sending +++ to drop into command mode
ATS0=1 Answer when ring occurs

AT&F Reset to factory settings
AT&W Store (FLASH) current config
ATZ Restore FLASHED config (as done on modem power up)
ATB0 V.22 1200 baud
ATB1 Bell 212A 1200 baud
ATE0 No command echo
ATE1 Echo commands
ATL1 Low speaker volume
ATL2 Med
ATL3 High
ATM0 Speaker always off
ATM1 On during dialing
ATM2 Always on
AT&CO Carrier Detect (CD) always on
AT&C1 CD when connection present
AT&D1 Modem ignore DTR
AT&D2 Hangup when DTR goes off
AT&D3 Hangup and reset when DTR goes off

The modem should transmit at the rate you send data to it. Once connect to a remote machine, pause for 1 sec, send +++, pause 1 sec, and the modem will switch into command mode (it will send you OK). Use ATO to switch out.
Posted on 2001-12-31 16:08:03 by eet_1024
happy new year

Open the com port for R/W.

:o that's my problem. i did it once under pascal, but i don't know how to accomplish this with API under windows.
how would you start opening the COM-port?
thank you anyway
Posted on 2002-01-01 07:39:09 by sys64738
You can open the file "COM1" with CreateFile to get access to the COM port, and then use Read/WriteFile to communicate.
Look in the index of win32.hlp for 'communications' (overview), you will find most of the info there.

Posted on 2002-01-01 14:06:21 by Thomas
thank you, now i know in which direction to go
Posted on 2002-01-03 12:36:21 by sys64738
any suggestions on sending a wave over the modem ?
Posted on 2003-01-16 03:00:26 by Azrim