Hello all, I am an electronics technician and I need to study assembly and I bumped into MASM32. I am very exited at having a chance to program in assembly, I always wanted to do this but never had the opportunity. My question: when I use the LIB program from the DOS prompt I get the following message -> Microsoft (R) Library Manager Version 5.12.8078 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1992-1998. All rights reserved. LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "" according to my book it should go like this -> Microsoft (R) Library Manager Version ------------ Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp ---------. All rights reserved. Library name: My book refers to version 3.20.010, could anyone tell me how to use the LIB program? Regards, Anthony Azzopardi.
Posted on 2001-01-30 14:16:00 by anthony azzopardi
I never needed anything beynd this: link a.obj b.obj c.obj /out:mylib.lib Wildcards may also be used link *.obj /out:mylib.lib
Posted on 2001-01-30 23:12:00 by Ernie
Anthony, A couple of things, the syntax in your book is the older OMF lib syntax, LIB.EXE is actually a stub driver for LINK.EXE which does the work when you are building libraries. The newer format is called COFF. If you run LIB /? at the command prompt, it will dump a screen of help for you and to see how a library is built, have a look at the batch file in the m32lib directory of MASM32. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au the linker in MASM32 is from the win98ddk and it is a COFF linker
Posted on 2001-01-31 05:26:00 by hutch--