i think the contest ideas is interessant, like in cracking (crackmes, whatever). i think icz', u should create a contest part on your website, that might be divided in 3 sections : 1. app contest : each month (for example), you give an application subject, and all coders write their apps and send it with sources to your site, so we can compare, learn, .... 2. code contest : basically, what the svin is trying to do on the messageboard, but it might be better in another context, i mean, not on the messageboard, but on your site. there might be lots of coding tasks, as he calls them, and all the solutions. 3. optimization contest : like in the assembly programming journal, you publish a task, or a code, and the coders must release the most optimized version of the code they can do. i dunno what d' u think of it, or what anyone think of it, well... reply =) tell me =)))) roy
Posted on 2001-02-01 13:44:00 by roy
I love the idea and I think it should have been done long ago. There are numerous and many tricky ways of how we learn anything and contest is one proved by TIME. I only wish that not only the best solution will be published but all of them. In some algos which might be not optimal in general there are still interesting parts to learn from. And though I've optimized lot of other people algos I must admit that to be the first who find at least some solution to the task is the hardest place. So the first get all my respect though I may to find a better way later. Let's learn programming through contests. I'm all for it. The Svin.
Posted on 2001-02-01 14:02:00 by The Svin
well I suggested a time ago a 'class', with students that do given assignments and go over it together. But it needs at least 1 'teacher': 1 person that know his asm and is wiling to spend time with these 'students' going over their assignments and commenting them. Private forums can be set up for this only viewable by the teacher and the students. This is for 'learning' and the 'starters' Then the application context: applications are nice, but reusable code modules are good too. Like say print routines, dealing with specific (COM) objects,etc... So maybe it would be good to: decide on a specific app each time that needs things that aren't readily available yet. Say an FTP client: first write the FTP reusable code (important) and the write the full client. Well those are my ideas. If anyone says: I've got a very specific plan that I wish to see developped AND I'm not too lazy to put some effort into it, then contact me or Iczelion by e-mail. Anything that will allow the win32asm community to grow and get a broader userbase are well appreciated :)
Posted on 2001-02-01 14:54:00 by Hiroshimator
Hi well i also have to work...a lot to my game all in asm...so i think a ASM GEMS will be better....i mean place a post there is you think you have found an usefull piece of code.... or place a post asking about one piece of code to do a specific task... but contests...puahhhh..."why are you obsessed witm fighting?" there can be no contest in real life...everybody is a diffrent man a diffrent vision...leave the competitiona away...you will code better, you will learn better ...you will be a better man :P we are here to learn and help eachother...not to fight and/or evolve our egos just my opinnions...on competition/contest
Posted on 2001-02-01 17:40:00 by BogdanOntanu
Hahahaha, There is a big contest going on out there, its called the MARKET and it is here where you compete. Its an endlessly changing set of ground rules subject to fickle variations and large corporate market manipulation. You compete on this market by being better at what you do, well targetting the market you are after and writing "GENIUS" level fast, clean and servicable code. If you target this market and succeed, you will not bother to look for contests. Regards, huch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-02-01 19:17:00 by hutch--
of course there is contests everywhere ! =) well i' m also for the idea of making a asm gems section. but well, contests motivate people, i bet u never went into cracking or whatever like that.... when you' ve got a new crackme, you are really motivated to crack it before anyone does, ... well, at least you have some motivation to code, and it' s less a *contest* than a meeting of ideas. i mean, we can see the work of all the others, whatever.... roy
Posted on 2001-02-02 11:34:00 by roy