i can't seem to figure out why this isn't working. anyone know? LOCAL palent[3]:PALETTEENTRY mov palent[0].peRed, 255 mov palent[0].peGreen, 255 mov palent[0].peBlue, 255 mov palent[0].peFlags, NULL mov palent[1].peRed, 0 mov palent[1].peGreen, 0 mov palent[1].peBlue, 0 mov palent[1].peFlags, NULL mov palent[2].peRed, 0 mov palent[2].peGreen, 0 mov palent[2].peBlue, 128 mov palent[2].peFlags, NULL mov logpal.palVersion, 4h mov logpal.palNumEntries, 3 mov eax, palent mov logpal.palPalEntry, eax invoke CreatePalette, ADDR logpal .if eax==NULL invoke MessageBox, NULL, ADDR duh, ADDR duh, MB_OK .else mov hPalette, eax .endif
Posted on 2001-02-02 14:32:00 by Sloat
well, it turns out if i set the palVersion member to 300h, it'll work, but i guess EM_SETPALETTE isn't working. it's kinda hard to tell when the message doesn't return a value
Posted on 2001-02-03 14:12:00 by Sloat