Hello, Possible a stupid question ,but i think the only stupid question is the one who where not asked *bg*. i like to use the extern InternetGetConnectedState and got a Error saying that there is no know extern. I try to find a new Tlink.exe or a update for Tasm5 but cant find anything. Im not shure whats the problem is. i try this: extern InternetGetConnectedState :proc and as code : push 0 push offset temp call InternetGetConnectedState im shure there is no misstake and it must work. but everytime i try to compile ,i got the error : Unresolved external 'InternetGetConnectedState' referenced from module test.asm So i think the problem is with my Tasm files. Anyone use this function and know what i have to do ? Thanks for help ;) cu
Posted on 2001-02-03 06:35:00 by WH¥
the problem is in your import32.lib file... some imports just aren't there
Posted on 2001-02-03 09:32:00 by NervGaz