My program contains several Procs : 1 Main Proc, 1 Hook Proc & 1 Dialog box Proc Curiously, my Datas are not global from one Proc to an other. What is the problem ? (I use TASM 5.0) JM Barone
Posted on 2001-02-03 15:15:00 by Barone
Hi first of all ...where did u get TASM from... i am trieing to buy a copie for a long time now cant find any :) Besides... Its just normal....variables defined into a PROC statement are not global if you need GLOBAL data define it outside the PROC's ... at the beginning of your program in a .data section This is not a bug...its the way it is supposed to be :)
Posted on 2001-02-04 08:10:00 by BogdanOntanu
Hello, Things are more complicated. (It's really a Big Bug!) My variables are effectively defined in a .Data section... The bug is that when a variable is modified from the Main Proc, the Hook Proc will still read it as it was before (?). I bought TASM 4.0 in France. TASM 5.0 was given to me
Posted on 2001-02-05 14:41:00 by Barone