Hey Ernie, I'm about to wrap everything up and need to know how to do some things without breaking your standard. I need to define the IDocHostShowUI interface. Should I create a separate file or insert it into an existing one like oaidl.inc? Is their any way to automate this process? IDocHostShowUI_ShowMessage PROC hwnd:HWND, lpstrText: DWORD, lpstrCaption: DWORD, dwType: DWORD, lpstrHelpFile: DWORD, dwHelpContext: DWORD, plResult: DWORD mov eax, E_NOTIMPL ret IDocHostShowUI_ShowMessage ENDP IDocHostShowUI_ShowHelp PROC hwnd: HWND, pszHelpFile: DWORD, uCommand: DWORD, dwData: DWORD, ptMouse: POINT, pDispatchObjectHit: DWORD mov eax, E_NOTIMPL ret IDocHostShowUI_ShowHelp ENDP Xtreme This message was edited by Xtreme, on 2/5/2001 7:59:33 PM
Posted on 2001-02-05 19:43:00 by Xtreme
X, First, serious congratulations on getting a control site to work. You are one of a very few who have done that (even counting people in Redmond). IDocHostShowUI looks pretty straightforward, it inherits just from IUnknown. Either keep it in a seperate .inc, part of the .asm, or in your custon control.inc. If you wish I'll add it in to the next update (tagged with your name of course) I just grabed it out of MSHTMHST.H, I think it looks like this in asm:

; IDocHostShowUI Interface
; public IUnknown

; (9BFBBC02-EFF1-101A-84ED-00AA00341D07)
; (c4d244b0-d43e-11cf-893b-00aa00bdce1a)
sIID_IPropertyNotifySink TEXTEQU  <{0c4d244b0H, 0d43eH, 011cfH, \
                                   {089H, 03bH, 000H, 0aaH, 000H, 0bdH, 0ceH, 01aH}}>

_vtIDocHostShowUI MACRO CastName:REQ
    ; IUnknown methods 
    _vtIUnknown CastName
    ; IDocHostShowUI methods
    &CastName&_ShowMessage          comethod8 ? 
    &CastName&_ShowHelp             comethod7 ? 

IDocHostShowUI                      STRUCT
    _vtIDocHostShowUI IDocHostShowUI
IDocHostShowUI                      ENDS
Nope, beyone a good set of fingers for copy and paste, I don't have any way of automating this conversion.
Posted on 2001-02-05 21:05:00 by Ernie