Hello, i like to grab a icon from another programm. for this i think i must get the handle of the programm and there i found the icon. how i get a handle i know ,but how do i grab the icon and how do i save it as file ? did someone know a link where i can find more infos or like to help me out ? i learn programming asm with tasm ,so i would happy if a tasm coder can help me ;) im also happy if someone can post links to tasm pages. i search everyday the web for pages i dont know before ,but im shure there are more great pages out :) thanks and cu
Posted on 2001-02-08 04:23:00 by WH¥
Goto Download.com and get an icon ripping tool... I downed one the other day for just the same reason. NaN
Posted on 2001-02-08 18:59:00 by NaN
Hi thanks for answering me. but im trying to learn asm and like to use this function inside my first project. as you can see my english is bad and i have problems reading all the english tutorials. the most time i use try and error to understand whats going on. other people i know use vb or delphi ,so there is noone to ask. but i try to mail some authors of icon grabbers ,maybe they give me a tip ;) have a nice day
Posted on 2001-02-08 21:15:00 by WH¥
HexEdit on Iczelion's web page will extract Icon's, Cursor's, and Bitmap's from any PE type file and save them, but it's written in Masm. Ewayne
Posted on 2001-02-10 15:20:00 by Ewayne