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I like Adobe Acrobat, I like Acrobat Printer exactly. But I don't know how they can make a virtual printer? Could you explain???

Thank you very much!:confused:
Posted on 2001-12-31 21:23:26 by bung
Actully sounds like what the old dos print used to do.
Tell me more about you know about it.

Posted on 2002-01-01 11:03:37 by Anunitu
Belive it or not Print was a pretty nice spooler, if you understood the console syntax, take a look at it after disassembly, it won't run in Dos 7, why They did that I have no idea, it was handy for a quick and dirty print, without "Wasting" resourses, needed elsewhere. It actully has a LOT of options with, Is it "Loose", not covered by CR?, Maybe I will reset it so it will run in DOS 7. Actully a lot of people used to customize commend.com to keep people from doing an "Ansi" bomb on them, just change the spelling, to what ever you like, but BACK it up FIRST. so instead of FORMAT, its say BUMP, BURN, and remember it AND write it down in a Set of notes.


Oh BTW found a little prog someone did that runs in the background that catches script commands, and stops it dead if they have certain functions, pops a box with what it wants to do, and ok?. a no, shuts the script down. I should have put it on my neighbors machine to protect him from himself, and make it not ALLOW ANY script to run. I didn't think he would get hit again, but an old saying, NEVER underestimate your "User", they really ARE that brain dead.

Posted on 2002-01-01 12:06:04 by Anunitu