Hi I lost Asm_2_Htm during a recent backup and as the homepage is now I can't get it again so could anyone out there who has it please e-mail it to me at zadkiel@fnmail.com I'll post up a reply as soon as I get it so if you don't see a second post here I probably don't have it yet. Thanks in advance Zadkiel
Posted on 2001-02-09 18:49:00 by Zadkiel
I've been looking for it as well. If someone can email it to me, too - that would be GREAT! Thanks you, bitRAKE (bitRAKE@bitRAKE.8k.com) This message was edited by bitRAKE, on 2/9/2001 9:30:27 PM
Posted on 2001-02-09 21:29:00 by bitRAKE
I downloaded a working copy of the web from a simple google search... (based on the deatials of your posting.. ) The active site is: (there is ~5 dead links ) http://www.winsite.com/info/pc/win95/misc/a2h.zip/ (Its a neat program.. hope this helps you out.. ) NaN
Posted on 2001-02-10 23:53:00 by NaN
I sent by e-mail the Asm_2_Htm.exe to both Zadkiel and bitRAKE. As the e-mail server of Zadkiel gived me an error again : ----- Transcript of session follows ----- ... Deferred: Connection refused by mxmsgctr.xcelcom.com. Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours Will keep trying until message is 5 days old I have put it in this link : http://users.daex.ufsc.br/~ssaguiar/Asm_2_Htm.exe ssaguiar
Posted on 2001-02-11 11:00:00 by ssaguiar
Hi thanks for trying to send it to me, I've downloaded from the link it works perfectly. PS I the e-mail problem is on the part of Mailroom.com, thier service seems to be down every second day at the moment so I've had to setup a new address. (Just in case you were wondering) Thanks again.
Posted on 2001-02-11 13:00:00 by Zadkiel
Thank you very much! bitRAKE
Posted on 2001-02-11 16:38:00 by bitRAKE