Hello, I search someone who like to help me learning Tasm. As thanks for taking the time ,i can only make some grafics. Im a 3d artist and if you like ,i can make some 3d animations for you or show you how to work with 3ds max2. If you are interestet ,please mail me ;) Thanks and cu ps: the questions i have are all beginner questions ;)
Posted on 2001-02-10 05:21:00 by WH¥
Hi No problem, i can walk you through :) And as you know i am working at a RTS in full ASM...so i can use an 3D/2D artist in my team...we have only one girl artist for now :)...however i hope you have a legal licence for 3DMax 2.0 ? as our work is going to be commercial and "we use to pay if we want otheres to pay us too" if not i can learn you POV Ray and other great "free" 3D tools :)
Posted on 2001-02-11 14:49:00 by BogdanOntanu
Hi thanks a lot for the offer to help me ;) i contact you at weekend by email and send you some of my work. a licenz for max2 ,ährm,yep i try to by max since a half year. but i try to find a used version of max2 and not a new 3.1 *g* so i have to pass with this. but i have licens for : monzom(great 3d animator) premiere photo impact and some other tools ;) im also familar with video editing,sound composing(like music-or sound for movies),webside design ...simply any kind of grafic i think. all learned by myself ,so im not a real proffesional with a nice dokument *bg* ,but i think im good and i learn every da a bit more. if i found the time ,i render you a small video for you game and send it to you at weekend ;) maybe you have a idea in mind you like to have as movie ,if not i make some warrobots....... cu soon and thanks for the help ;)
Posted on 2001-02-13 07:52:00 by WH¥