Hi all can anybody give me a good fpu tutorial ? thanks
Posted on 2001-02-10 08:18:00 by StaRik
i'm not sure if this really helps you, but i made some programs that use FPU. they are very well commented. you can download them from my site. if you have any question to them feel free to e-mail me. cya
Posted on 2001-02-10 13:18:00 by [SaFc0n]
Goto to Art of assembly, link is on Iczelions site and read the appropiate chapter.
Posted on 2001-02-10 18:50:00 by Zadkiel
I am looking for a simple example about fpu usage in win32asm i always got the complex ones :-<
Posted on 2001-02-13 23:40:00 by newbies
is this necessary to use directive .387 before we use fpu ?
Posted on 2001-02-28 02:18:00 by newbies