Hi I search for a Screen Capture Sample for coding a Webcam Program. Can anyone direct me to a link that has the specific Samples or Informations ? thanks
Posted on 2001-02-10 14:27:00 by Mikel
Usually the web cam company (Like Logitech or whatever) will have some information somewhere on how to interface with there drivers. Usually you just include a lib file and declare a few API's to take pictures, I seem to recall DirectX is supposed to include some new features for video input in the latest version, but I could be wrong... For problems like these I usually search a C++ site and then convert an example to assembly. Good luck! See ya, Ben
Posted on 2001-02-10 19:53:00 by cyberben
I used the capXXX API from the video for wwindows DLL (vfw32.dll). It works great with my Logitech (and also another) USB camera. beaster.
Posted on 2001-02-12 06:45:00 by beaster