Hi, I've posted this question before and the answer I got was to use COM. So I went along to Ernie's site and sadly felt it was too complicated for what I needed. So I'll try the question again and perhaps someone else could suggest an answer. Basically I've written a program and want people to be able to write their own programs that can read certain variables and call certain procedures while my program is running. I also want this to be possible from any language or at least the main ones. Now the best solution I've come up with is that if I write a dll file then I could have a procedure in that which will call the procedure in my program, that way I've done all the hard work all programmers have to do is call the procedure from the dll which can easily be done in most languages. Seeing as dlls can return values I could also write some procedures to access my program while its running and read the variables. So the question is: How do I write a dll? How do I write a procedure in assembly for caling procedures in an excuting program also written in asm? How do I write a procedure for accessing variables in said program? Please try to help me and this game could be huge. :) P.S. If anyone would like to help me write the game, its written fully in asm and OpenGL, then e-mail me: zadkiel@fnmail.com
Posted on 2001-02-10 17:08:00 by Zadkiel
Hi Zadkiel, just have a look at the Icz' tuts, it is completly explained. Vom-bonjour:-()
Posted on 2001-02-10 19:09:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()
Really! I had no idea, I've just check the tutorials, which ones exactly should I be looking at. I think Memory Mapped Files: Sharing Data Between Instances looks promising though so I'll check that out first. This message was edited by Zadkiel, on 2/10/2001 8:32:13 PM
Posted on 2001-02-10 20:28:00 by Zadkiel