Hi, Iím not sure this is what this forum was intended for but I assume all thing game related in asm go here, so Iíd like to tell you about my game. It called tActIcs and itís a 3d space game. The 3d engine is rendered using OpenGL but everything I wrote myself using win32asm. The idea for the game is that Iíll write the engine, design the ships and come up with some nice space locations. Programmers will then come along and write their own AI for the ships, and then sit back and watch their creation do battle against the built in drones which Iíll write or they can fight against ships programmed by other players. All youíll need is to be able to write in a language which can access dlls, once you can do that youíll be able to use a dll which Iíll write for easy communication with my program. Basically youíll have access to variables regarding your ship and the space around it to read only. And youíll be able to instruct your ship to move, fire, etc. It will work very much like an old game called AI Wars except instead of a horrible 2d gird playing area you have completely free 3D space. The project was coming along leaps and bounds there for a while and then fell along the wayside when I got stuck trying to figure out how to write a dll for communicating with my program, well Iíve got the tutorials on Iczelions site now and so have a renewed optimism regarding the game. If anyone would like to help me with the game Iíd appreciate that, e-mail me at zadkiel@iol.ie and check my website http://snw.cjb.net/ it doesnít have anything about the game yet but it does have a few tutorials. Donít hold back on suggestions either, all are welcome. :)
Posted on 2001-02-11 13:18:00 by Zadkiel
Interesting ideea Zadkiel I was thinkig to do something like that ...for my next 3D game :) ...world is so small ... Now, maybe you will try to make a small programming language for the ships in the game, something very small and interpreted like FORTH maybe? (there are a lots of free sources and its core is very small about 4K) ...so users will choose keywords from a toolbar and make up programms for their ships...at design time ... and test them against boots or other ships in game...ohh..what and AI fetival will grow from this... :) Just an ideea Tutorials Site looks nice also...guys give it a try! Bogdan This message was edited by BogdanOntanu, on 2/11/2001 2:24:24 PM
Posted on 2001-02-11 14:21:00 by BogdanOntanu
Why all the fighting? Why not let ships choose to co-operate if they want, either 2 users vs. droids, or multi-users at the same time. Survivors of a round get to have sex and multiply! Make new coppies of themselves for future conquests. Sucessful ships will take over the universe. Unsucessful designs will die. DARWINIAN SURVIVAL !!!! PS: I'm stealing this idea from a Hofstatler article on a very early kind of "battle bots" I'm mostly suggesting it cause I know the winning strategy ;-)
Posted on 2001-02-11 18:11:00 by Ernie
Thanks for the ideas, two or more ships cooperating actually hadn't occured to me and its a very intresting idea, I'll have to implement it. As for ships having sex, well thats slightly bizzare but the idea of winning ship progressing and developing had occured to me, I've been playing around with a couple of ideas in my head but don't quite know how they would translate to the game. As for writing a small interpted language thats also a great idea but I can't do that as well as the rest of the game, its too big a project to write a good 3d engine even in OpenGL. If anyone wants to come onboard with me and do that aspect of the program I'd welcome that. The 3D engine is the type of thing I love programming. Thanks again
Posted on 2001-02-11 18:32:00 by Zadkiel
No problem i will help you do the small interpretor, FORTH virual machine is about 4 ASM instructions long, and if speed is not an issue, besides 10 core words all rest can be written in FORTH itself...so i estimate about 4 to 5 days to rewrite a small FORTH interpreter from zero (using FIG free sources as a model) it will have usual controll structures like if/endif do/while, for, repeat until, case endcase , variables, constants etc... and even objects with inheritance (primitive but working...guess users will not need it anyway) if we will not allow VTABLE EXECUTES (CFA EXECUTE) to normal users...then an error will do just that..generate an error...no GPF...i guess the buggy ship will stop doing its tasks...but thats all however take care it uses stack machine format...this can be annoying... like in "5 6 MOVETO" as opposed to MOVETO(5,6)
Posted on 2001-02-11 18:51:00 by BogdanOntanu
Wow.... That is a GREAT idea... Please tell me more about it, I would love to see this work. Do you have page or something?
Posted on 2001-02-13 08:28:00 by drgreen
where can i find the FIG free source? Im intereste in this. -brad
Posted on 2001-02-13 22:06:00 by Rage9
BogdanOntanu: Thanks for the offer, that would be wonderful. My idea for some basic commands ranged from the obvious such as thrust, yaw, roll, pitch, fire, etc to some slightly more complicated command such as turn to face a certain coordinate or move to X,Y,Z. Simple but powerful commands such as these would be helpful to beginner programmers while the basic ones could be used in more complicated programs. I also felt the program should work on a relative coordinate system, all the variables which would be read such as sensor information would be presented as if the ship the program was written for were the center of space, all coordinates would be relative to it, I feel that this would both be easier, after all then you wouldn't have to figure out yourself if a ship is in front of you, if its in front the the X and Y coordinates would be 0 and the Z value would indicate distance (I'll have a web site up soon enough and I'll include some diagrams on how this should work. The second reason for this method is that I think it ads a level a realism to how the information would be interpeted in real like in say a fighter jet with radar in which it would always be in the center. If anyone out there has some ideas on commands that should be available to ships, or suggestion on weapons or equipment then share them. Just try to keep it simple. When the sites up and running I'll post the link here, its a pity tactics.cjb.net is taken though.
Posted on 2001-02-14 13:48:00 by Zadkiel
Hi, someone was wondering about a website for the game so heres one http://tactics.4t.com/ Unfortuntly I'm very busy so porbably won't get much done for a while. tActIcs Site
Posted on 2001-02-17 13:28:00 by Zadkiel