zCoder, Can I give you a few pointers from years of writing small editors, simply take no notice of popular mythology and code what you think will be useful. To yourself first and if you get it up going and reliable, post it for other people so that they can try it out. I am from the generation of dinosaurs that did battle with an axe and a mace where the young guys do battle with ray guns and this is reflected in my taste for tools. I coded Quick Editor first and foremost to do what I need to do in the range of languages I code in. Now this allows me to supply it with MASM32 with no royalties or dependence on someone else, it is true freeware so programmers who use MASM32 don't have to buy something else or try and crack someone elses program. It is robust and has had a lot of work done on it to make it that way and it is still a basically simple editor that can be configured to do most of what I need. I have supported the range of guys who are writing their own IDEs because it caters for the variation in programming style. What I hope you and the other guys will do is to stick to your own vision of what an IDE should be without trying to follow what the current fashion may be. It will suit you own programming style better as you can tailor it to do exactly what you require and as you progress in the development of your own IDE, it will become a good tool that you can post for other programmers to use. Now you cannot expect to please everyone, my generation prefers a sharp axe to a ray gun but your prospective users may require a laser to write their code with. Just don't give up, write what you think will do wjhat you want and don't compromise. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au This message was edited by hutch--, on 3/9/2001 2:34:08 AM
Posted on 2001-03-09 02:30:00 by hutch--
Hutch, Thanks for reminding me that I need to remember, that programmers all have different styles of codeing, layouts ect. it's a style, and that there might be others that could have the same style as I do. and could benifit from my IDE. I also remember when I could not write programs anymore when windows came out. I kinda quit programming then, after I had programed in DOS for over 15 years. then I ran into your site and gave it a try, it was what helped me to get going again I still am learning about what windows has to offer, and I find that windows is easier to program in then DOS, So I have this need now to help others. to give back what I am glad to be able to do. So I will continue to write my IDE and hope this will catch a few of the, (same style) programmers out there. PS. thanks for getting me started Hutch....
Posted on 2001-03-09 21:39:00 by Zcoder