Hiro, I tried to check the forum this morning AU time, and it would not display in my normal Netscape 4.74 so after trying to load it a number of times, I tried using IE5.? and the forum now works. I guess that the last revision on the forum has included a Microsoft specific piece of code that Netscape does not read. Any chance of fixing this as I detest Internet Exploder with a vengeance. Worst mannered pile of crap I have ever had to suffer. I only keep it to load Netscape hostile sites and I would hope the forum does not fit into that capacity. :( Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-02-11 16:51:00 by hutch--
I use IE4 and it works fine... i will try netscape also soon :)
Posted on 2001-02-11 18:20:00 by BogdanOntanu
hutch: Perhaps it contains an anti-Assie code ;) j/k Anyway, from my inspection, it's a limitation of Netscape or its HTML parsing routine. The HTML code of the message board is all in one single line and I believe Netscape cannot handle that. IE is better for me: it has integrated support for Thai character set while Netscape doesn't have it.
Posted on 2001-02-12 02:58:00 by Iczelion
bah I wouldn't touch netscape if they gave me money. Netscape receives the document alright, just refuses to show it, I'll see about how to fix it.
Posted on 2001-02-12 03:30:00 by Hiroshimator
netscape 6 that other piece of junk has no problems with it This message was edited by Hiroshimator, on 2/12/2001 3:32:17 AM
Posted on 2001-02-12 03:32:00 by Hiroshimator
ok the problem is probably netscapes' handling of tags somewhere. I'll poke around a bit.
Posted on 2001-02-12 04:09:00 by Hiroshimator
I don't get it this reworked page works fine in Netscape now when I fire it up from my local IIS5 server but stays blank when demanded from the brinkster server. The pages work in IE, opera, NS6 but not from NS 4.x when connecting to the brinkster server :confused:
Posted on 2001-02-12 05:42:00 by Hiroshimator
hmm seemed to be a weird cache thing, stupid NS :mad: problem solved now This message was edited by Hiroshimator, on 2/12/2001 5:52:18 AM
Posted on 2001-02-12 05:51:00 by Hiroshimator