Hello everbody how can i obtain the handle of the parent item if i have the handle of a child item in a treeview ? cu
Posted on 2001-02-12 14:07:00 by StaRik
Well no one else replyed so i will. After reviewing Iczelion's tutorial on tree veiw here what you need to do:

parent dd ? ;this is where u will store the handle of the parent
hotc   dd ? ;this is the "Handle Of Treeview Control" :p 
hoc    dd ? ;this is the "Handle Of Child"

invoke SendMessage,hotc,TVM_GETNEXTITEM,TVGN_PARENT,hoc
mov parent,eax

And there you go all fixed up, your handle for the parent should be in 'parent'. of corce you'' have to substitute hotc & hoc for what you have them marked as. hope this helps -brad
Posted on 2001-02-12 19:39:00 by Rage9