Hello everyone, how can i send a pressed Key like Alt+S to another Programm... thanks a lot...
Posted on 2001-02-12 17:32:00 by Delice
Just send a windows message to a windows...for the key Alt+S it would have to be something like this:

invoke SendMessage ,hWindow,WM_CHAR,"S",0011b SHL 29 or "S" SHL 16 or 1

Im not sure if the above is correct, it would be easyiest to hook a windows message, and the press Alt-S in the window, and then display the contents of the recieved WM_CHAR message.
Posted on 2001-02-13 00:07:00 by George
Thank you George, but i make anything wrong i think... i would start my Programm and thatīs look for the Windowhandle and Class and if his found them then he have to send a alt+s to the founded Window(another Programm) but i donīt know how to make this posible... :( īthank you... maybe i have to try another methot... P.S:sorry for my poor english...
Posted on 2001-02-13 10:47:00 by Delice
First you will need to use FindWindow (or FindWindowEx), this will get the handle of your target window....

Window  db "Shell_TrayWnd",0
;This is the class name of the Windows bar where
;the Start button is!



invoke FindWindow, ADDR Window, NULL
;Now eax has the handle to the target window

This principal can be used to disable the Start button:

Place    db "Shell_TrayWnd", 0
Class    db "Button", 0

    invoke FindWindow, ADDR Place, NULL
    invoke FindWindowEx, eax, NULL, ADDR Class, NULL
    push eax

    invoke IsWindowEnabled, eax
    xor eax, TRUE

    pop edx
    invoke EnableWindow, edx, eax

    invoke ExitProcess, 0
end start
Hope that helps! Mirno
Posted on 2001-02-13 11:53:00 by Mirno
Thank you Mirno, i will try it... and again thanks a lot...
Posted on 2001-02-13 14:30:00 by Delice