Anyone know a good PICTURE explaining what GeySystem Color gets? Not how to use the API, that's trivial, what do they mean? I'm looking for examples, say where a COLOR_3DLIGHT is used. Pictures with arrows, that stuff. TIA
Posted on 2001-02-13 02:14:00 by Ernie
Well I started to make you a picture until I realized I did it all wrong. ;) (I was using the COLOR_3D*** constants on a button, which are actually, COLOR_BTN***) Most of them are self explanitory. The only part that is hard to understand is the 3D shading. Basically there is a middle colour (COLOR_3DFACE or COLOR_BTNFACE or COLOR_MENU, usually all the same) then two highlight colors and two shadow colors. There are always two borders which can both be 3D, the inner and outer borders. So sometime you will see objects which appear to have a "thin" 3d border thats when they only have one of the borders set. So the outer Border is usually COLOR_3DDKSHADOW and COLOR_3DHILIGHT, then the next or inner border is COLOR_3DSHADOW and COLOR_3DLIGHT, this inner almost always there is the control has the outer 3d border. On a button the inner border is COLOR_BTNHILIGHT and COLOR_BTNSHADOW then if it is the default button then the outer border will become visible as the normal 3D colors. Anyhow most of it can be figured out with experimentation. I usually open control panel and switch colour schemes while my app is running and see how it responds and/or looks in the different schemes. See ya, Ben
Posted on 2001-02-13 02:38:00 by cyberben