Hi, I've a problem with (look the title), I managed to create a toolbar with buttons, but the problem i've is that when I add a style to the toolbar (FLAT), it appears being Flat (that I want) but the color around the icons is white, I don't understand why. Thankx Vom-bonjour:-()
Posted on 2001-02-13 13:28:00 by Vom-bonjour:-()
Check your bitmap size and the value you specify in the image list. In case you created a button with BTNS_CHECK style, you need to supply a mask for the bitmap else the background color of the bitmap will be paler than when it's not pressed
Posted on 2001-02-13 22:15:00 by Iczelion
Ahoy, some graphic problems on 256 color bitmaps could be solved if you include the default windows colors to the palette. Paint Shop Pro for example have such a option. If I missunderstood the problem forget this message. so long Test
Posted on 2001-02-14 10:05:00 by Test Department