Hi people! I ask all crackers, masters of MASM and those who created EXE/archive packers and unpackers! Please help! I need to write some unpackers for my antivirus program - for UPX, Asp, and some archive extractors (like ZIP, RAR). For archives I used public DLLs, but they really suck, and are full of errors. I am sure some of you created packers, unpackers and so on. Can you teach me how to write same thing on my own? Or help to get a tutorial? I am familiar with PE structure, some other info, but really need help to understand the way archivators and exe-packers work. If you can send me a tutorial, or some info, please answer here or send me an e-mail to: webmaster@trojan.ru
Posted on 2001-02-13 14:20:00 by IGosha
Personoly i havent writen any, but i think if my memory serves me right you should be able to find somthing open source at http://protools.cjb.net just anolize the source. hope that helps -brad
Posted on 2001-02-13 22:01:00 by Rage9