Hello, me again *g* im sorry when i ask some basic questions,but before i post here i try to find infos in the web. i want to show my own Ip and like to know if there is a function like GetUsername to get the actual Ip i use. also i like to know if its possible to write a simple port blocker with asm. im rellay nerved about those kids scanning the web and want to make a small port blocker who blocks some default trojan ports.(like port 1234 netbus.....) yes i can use a firewall to block them,but hey *g* im shure in asm the programm is much smaller and i only like to block some default ports ;) but i have no idea how i get the information that someone try to connect to a port. thanks and have a nice day ;)
Posted on 2001-02-14 04:02:00 by WH¥
Hello Iczelion and Hiroshimator, can you please fix the link in the source code section for the Netmonitor Tasm source ,so i can found a answer for my question in this source by myself ? http://www.piic.net/~win32asm/files/netmon.zip Thanks a lot ;)
Posted on 2001-02-14 06:51:00 by WH¥