Hi, I use my pc to listen to MP3's However it's a pain to have to use the keyboard each time i want to skip/ffwd to another tune. I'll soon be buying a DVD drive also. As electronics is on of my hobbies I thought i'd make a simple infrared remote control. This would probably invole programming device drivers for most efficiency but what I would like to know:
Is there an API function you can use to inject a message into another application's que...Finding out what messages a program uses is not a problem fro me. I'll write a cdrom player test program but I'll probably end up using it for DVD software as well.

(hmm... off to look up IrDA info)
Posted on 2001-07-20 06:33:25 by MArtial_Code
Simply find the HWND of the application you need to send messages
to. FindWindow followed by SendMessage. I think nullsoft even has
an example of how to control winamp :)
Posted on 2001-07-20 07:14:07 by f0dder
Hey MArtial_Code
F00der is right..winamp has some kind of 'interface' (just post msgs to its queue) that allows you to control it.
I've been toying with that and even have some resulting ASM source/binaries . If you want them just let me know.

Posted on 2001-07-20 12:00:16 by latigo