A small parable for Betov. =========================================================================== A long time ago in a world far away, practitioners of the imfamous black arts crafted their wares with diabolical techniques that were wrenched directly from the doors of hell. While mere mortals played with the cypher that was peddled to the unwary as "new", "exciting", "easy" etc ... the ancient warriors sharpened their skills in the diabolical arts and used them to make clever, fast and useful things. Such was the way of the diabolical one that his displeasure came upon all who practiced the ancient black arts and a great sickness was inflicted on all who wanted a functional world that was useful to them. Many of the ancient warriors has made their world and were free from the sickness that was inflicted on the rest of the world so the ancient black arts lived on only in the memories of the ancient warriors who had done battle with them in another time and place. From a battle in another place, Diabolicus was forced to relinquish the control of the ancient black arts and the techniques that were destroyed by the great sickness that was inflicted on most people were again available to any who needed them. Across space/time, many of the ancient warriors began to share the ancient black arts with a generation that had been denied the opportunity, for while the techniques were available again, the knowledge of how to apply them was not passed along with them. =========================================================================== You know the style Betov, its similar to the essays I wrote for Fravia some years ago and it addresses what the problem was when assembler died as a viable way of writing software in the face of OOP, VB and other profit driven languages with the introduction of Windows 95. We all know that the evil empire keeps changing the rules to break its competition and they have done it by repeatedly changing the operating systems so that earlier stuff did not work properly any longer. The wide number of programmers who have come back to help spread the knowledge of assembler are testimony that the evil empire does not control the assembler programming market. Here is the challenge Betov, you can fight us, you can join us but you cannot beat us because the driving force behind the rebirth of assembler as a viable way of writing software comes from the motives of older experienced programmers to pass the skills to a smart and aggressive generation that wants the power and control of what they create. Flogging open source is like flogging a dead horse, a stillborn concept that depends on freeloading on other peoples hard work. Programmers who earn their living writing code are the main source of proper freeware and this is a lot more powerful than the tired ideology that all the code you write should be available to a bunch of freeloaders. Now as far as calling me many "interesting" names, you have to realise that I am an Australian and the language I have grown up with is very robust in terms of expletives so they tend to run off me like water off a duck's back. Feel free to call me what you like but unless you have something to pass on to the new smart generation, it will only be casual amusement, not anything useful. So far I seem to be the "mutha****ing, good fur nuthin, sunnova bitch that sux up to the evil empire while being the reincarnate of both Bill Gates and the Diabolical one himself". I would be pleased to hear something original that may actually be funny, humour seems to be in short supply these days so a few good punch lines would not go astray. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
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