Specifically to use in my masm32 apps, but i have never bothered with VC / VB, so dont know the COM stuff at all Suggestions on a place to start ? :) thanks
Posted on 2001-02-15 12:41:00 by Entro-P
Ernie's COM site
Posted on 2001-02-15 12:57:00 by Hiroshimator
Actually, my website is a bad place to learn about COM. From the very start, every tutorial is writen for one who already knows COM in some other dialect, and also knows asm. So Entro, if you want a direction to follow, let me know where you wish to end up. Are you looking to re-use some COM objects, make some, or just want to find out what all this stuff is about in general?
Posted on 2001-02-15 23:45:00 by Ernie
Ernie, I dont doubt that your probably too busy for this, but its a suggestion anyways. Perhaps you would consider posting a brief series of tutorials on com.. (sorta like lessons, but in this forum to attract more people into COM). Interactive learning is far better, as other people tend to ask questions you may not have even though of, which adds to the value of what is being learned. I can say that I would definitely be interested. NaN
Posted on 2001-02-26 18:04:00 by NaN