Does anyone knows where i can find a grid control usable from asm ? Thanx
Posted on 2001-02-15 18:20:00 by Amokila
That would be nice to know. I opted to use the ListView in report view with gridlines turned on. It has the appearance of a grid, but the user can't select an individual cell. But then again, my application is row oriented and the gridlines are simply there to help group data into columns. If you need to be able to select individual cells then you would need a true grid control.;) Onyx
Posted on 2001-02-15 19:06:00 by Onyx
Why not write one? To be truly minimal, you would draw the 'cells' in a WM_PAINT handler, then run thru the data list and DrawText them in. To actively edit a cell, a single, moveable, sizeable edit window would suffice. Pack it all up in a nice dll and reuse it forever (or until Win64 comes along)
Posted on 2001-02-15 23:21:00 by Ernie