resizing a List View Control... Does anybody know if it is possible? I have a list view control on my window, and want to be able to change its size, when the size of the window changes. I know that i can change individual columns sizes, but this doesnt change the overall size of the list. thanks, John
Posted on 2001-02-18 06:28:00 by mega
Check out MoveWindow, It will let you resize.
Posted on 2001-02-18 19:24:00 by anon
Unfortunatly, there is no magic re-size setting for a window. If you wish your control to be a certain pecent of the window width, or just not to drop off the bottom, you must re-size it in the WM_SIZE of the main app window. lParam holds how big the main window is changing to. That's code. Eithe MoveWindow or SetWindowPos work nicely here.
Posted on 2001-02-18 21:22:00 by Ernie