Hutch--, I was wondering if you could make available the source to the prostart.exe that comes with the MASM32 service pack. The reason is, i would like to add more features to it.. everyone is up in arms about IDE's and RAD, but I personally feel the only thing i need at the moment is the ability to add more options to the prostart to suport more templated code and make IT customizable... However,I can also respect it if you do not.. the manual way isnt all that bad either. :D NaN
Posted on 2001-02-19 22:59:00 by NaN
NaN, There are a number of problems with Prostart, it written in PowerBASIC because of its unusual capacity, I lost the source for it last year with a disk crash and have not had time to rewrite it yet and it needs a set of sprecialised tools to work with it because of the format it uses to store the basic source. It could be done in assembler/C or most other languages but I have done it in basic because of the grunt that basic has in the string area, particularly in the area of string storage and manipulation. The dialog box logic is no big deal, just a bit fussy but being able to modularise large sections of source code is well suited to a dialect of basic where it would b a pain to do it in a language that does not have this direct capacity. Regards,
Posted on 2001-02-19 23:08:00 by hutch--
Thanx anyways then... NaN
Posted on 2001-02-19 23:23:00 by NaN