I'm just wondering here... when I first scoped out CoLib's objects, I made sure they were aggregatable since I had visual controls in mind, and those are typically aggregated into the client site.

Now I'm looking at the other end, having one CoLib object aggregate another CoLib object. The only allowance I made for aggregation in this direction is a free DWORD so serve as a pointer to a list of aggregated objects.

Has anyone done any work in this area? I'm looking for some colaboration here, as my new job leaves me very little time for pure coding.

(As an aside, CoLib 2.0 will break all of CoLib 1 & 1.1's code, as the class map will change from an array of class items to an array of references to class items. I've wanted such for a while now when exporting objects and interfaces, such as in the scripter or event sink examples)
Posted on 2002-01-01 16:40:26 by Ernie