Can I get an example of subject - an explorer context menu extension? The main problem is that I know the theory, but NO practice at all - that makes all the troubles :(
Posted on 2001-02-22 03:32:00 by IGosha
If you know the theory then you're one up on me. :-)
Posted on 2001-02-22 09:10:00 by Ernie
Shell Extensions according to Microsoft
Posted on 2001-02-24 08:03:00 by Hiroshimator
Thanx.. But there are no examples howto create subject with MASM32 (Colib or not). Please help me, I really need to create sub. ;(
Posted on 2001-02-25 12:59:00 by IGosha
Welcome to the wild frontier. The streetlights ended miles back, as did the paved roads. And the only supermarket you'll find here is walking around on 4 legs, and has quite independent ideas on weather it wants to be your lunch. COM under MASM is a new area of exploration. You can pick just about any area you wish and do new work, because it's just not been done before. My best advice is get some sample C++ code and attempt to write it in asm. I'd say C code but that no longer exists. Don't be afraid of objects, CoLib MAKES objects. Remember: all the machine can process are opcodes. If it can be done, it can be done in MASM. This message was edited by Ernie, on 2/27/2001 1:37:53 AM
Posted on 2001-02-25 18:30:00 by Ernie
The problem that I don't have enough documentation about CoLib, howto use it and so on.
Posted on 2001-02-26 13:03:00 by IGosha
CoLib ships with several program examples, each are covered in individual tutorials, some quite detailed. Additionally there is a 27 page document just on what's in the lib and how to use it. Not to mention all the source code is open for inspection. I'll need a better question besides "I don't get it" to give an answer. Can you be more specific?
Posted on 2001-02-26 22:28:00 by Ernie
I like your view of this being a new frontier :) I'm reading all I can get my hands on. It's almost starting to click :P Your docs have certainly been a great help. From some of the messages around here, I think I read that your working on an IDE - is it going to be COM objects pieced together? I guess your docs kinda point the finger in the directions you could be going and I got an itchy mind :) I'd just be nice to here more of what you have in mind. Thanks, bitRAKE
Posted on 2001-02-27 00:43:00 by bitRAKE
bitRAKE, Yep, you guessed correctly. Collect 200 dollars and proceed directly to go. My IDE is going to be asm-object based. It will have an automation object model, talk to itself thru these interfaces, and also export them to either a script engine (VBScript or JavaScript) as it's macro language, or a 'plug in' (plug ins will be dll servers, they may be written in any language that supports COM, such as C/C++, VB, Delphi (I believe), ect, ect...). Currently the object model looks like so:

    --- Document Collection
        --- Documents
    --- Project Collection
            --- Document Collection
                --- Documents
In classic hacker style programming, I'm currently coding this from both ends in. I've got a fairly functional document class running, and a good start on the workspace too. As soon as I get the documents collection object going it will be a fairly functional MDI text editor. Last weekend I dropped back and punted a general case IEnumVariant object implementation to handle the collections. This is the interface that gives VB that nice "For Each Document in Project" syntax. It's going to be curious to see how much of the IDE functionality I really code in asm, and how much I leave to the script engine. I could have a bunch of canned scripts hidden in the resource script and just run those to say create new workspaces, init files with headers, run wizards, ect. Oh, yeah... ya know anyone who knows how to resize a bar on a rebar? (Otherwise my 100% asm MFC clone docking toolbars are done)
Posted on 2001-02-27 01:34:00 by Ernie