I took a look at the thread on how to write a smaller program, following one of the links to get tini.exe I found it had a virus Backdoor-IQ check you system if you downloaded the exe. umbongo :D
Posted on 2001-02-22 07:08:00 by umbongo
Was it norton that gave this up...Norton often misdiagnoses code that compresses a file, ie self compressing code.
Posted on 2001-02-22 07:18:00 by mega
Umm well actually you're right.. tini.exe is somewhat of a backdoor trojan or well it opens up a listening port wich pipes command.com (win9x) or cmd.exe (winnt/2K) stdout/stdin/stderr over anonymous pipesbut it's not very effective since it only works once and then has to be restarted tobe able to connect again... it's written s a help for sysadmins by Arne Widstrom at NTSecurity.nu ;) i do have a disassembly of it (working of course) and a version i've written in masm assembly wich is pretty crappy (the version not masm) ummm i guess i should say that if your interested in the source or disassembly of it you can mail me at nervgaz@nervgaz.net NervGaz This message was edited by NervGaz, on 2/22/2001 3:14:35 PM
Posted on 2001-02-22 07:31:00 by NervGaz