I'm trying to build a menu on at run time using the API's CreateMenu, CreatePopupMenu, and AppendMenu. Everything is great but I'd like to show the shortcuts in the text string. For example in the resource I'd put "Open...\tCtrl+O" for the text line and it'd align the shortcut to the far side. Now if I use that same line with append menu it show all the characters?!? Any hints as to how to do this without a resource menu? Thanks, Ben
Posted on 2001-02-23 01:23:00 by cyberben
The "/t" isnt a part of the assembly language, but it is a part of the C++ lanuage. The resource compiler uses the C++ language, thats why it will work in the rc file and not the asm file. This message was edited by HeroInc, on 2/23/2001 3:58:25 AM
Posted on 2001-02-23 03:57:00 by HeroInc
And for anyone who don't know: "/t" = db 9 ...and I'd assume in UNICODE that it's dw 9, but I could certainly be wrong :P bitRAKE
Posted on 2001-02-23 05:03:00 by bitRAKE
Ben, Just create a string fr the menu that has the tab embedded. MyMenuItem db "Open",9,"Ctrl+O" Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-02-23 06:22:00 by hutch--