It's something I've wished too say for a long time :) On my machine all help files from MASM32 go out of screen bounderies. So it's bigger in the 'normal' state then in 'maximize'. I've bad times resizing them each time they are opened. Opecodes.hlp needs to be updated. There addresses of some russian man work as Assembler Shell. I don't use the shell since have my one highly adapted to my stile, but may be his shell worths at least to have a look at. It represents realisation of some worthy ideas. More TASM specific but may be used with MASM. But it's not the reason why I've mentioned the shell. It has in its package x86eas.hlp file. The file is something like opcodes.hlp but more updated and detailed, it shows micro logic of instructions and has examples of usage. May be you can find it reasonble to replace the opcodes.hlp with. Easy Assembler Shell program Main WWW Pages: I'm working on your task. Have one interesting idea of dinamic alignment while moving data by dwords (you know it's bad case when it used missalignd - lots of penalties). The algo will shift pointer to aling address within arrays, filling remains cutted from the beginning and the end with additional one time taken instructions. Might self problem of penalties with moving big amount of missaligned data by dwords. Good luck. The Svin. P.S. Are you going to install NT or 2000 in your machine?
Posted on 2001-02-23 08:49:00 by The Svin