Hi! I guess you know that VCL and the other libraries contain a component called "BitBtn" which displays a bitmap and a text on a button. I've seen in the tutorials buttons with bitmaps and buttons with text but not buttons with both of them. How can I reach this in MASM best? Would also be nice if I could chose the alignment of the text. Thanx in advance stem
Posted on 2001-02-23 10:41:00 by stem
I don't know if this is *quite* what you want, but if you ever saw my tiny Timer.exe applet, I do all the buttons and displays on one single window. Everything else is just bitmap blits. Lots of hit detection is required, it's not a self-contained class type of thing. But it's solid and works nice. I've got a partial, unreleased tut on how I did this. If you want to look, let me know and I'll email it direct or something.
Posted on 2001-02-23 13:21:00 by Ernie
Stem, Ernie's example is a nice one and it is worth having a look at but if I understand what you are after, the VCL component is a custom control. As these are no big deal to write in MASM once you get the swing of how they work, it may be worth you writing one so that you can get exactly what you are after. Have a look at the code in the library module "Bmpbutn.asm" as it does part of what you want. If you do bother to write one, I am sure many people would like to have a copy of it so it is worth writing. Regards, hutch@pbq.com.au
Posted on 2001-02-23 18:02:00 by hutch--
Hi! Well, I'm just an ASM beginner but maybe I think about it ;-)) stem
Posted on 2001-02-24 06:42:00 by stem
Posted on 2001-02-24 18:56:00 by Ernie
Hi! That page's great, laughed my head off ;-)) stem
Posted on 2001-02-25 07:03:00 by stem