I started my project format in XML. The only thing I didn't like is that it's not as easy to manually edit as say, INI, or Fodders Idea (which I might embrace and extand). However, XML is really a great candidate for this. I think XML easily wins over INI anyday, in terms of compatibility and Enhacnements... my delimma is this: my IDE will also appear on Linux and yep, Mac OS 9/ and X. If I stick with INI, I have to write some classes for Linux, and Mac that emulate how INI works. XML is already written. Else if I embrace and Extand Fodders idea, I still only writing it once (mostly). _Shawn
Posted on 2001-02-27 14:39:00 by _Shawn
Aren't you writing your IDE in Delphi as well? :) Kylix (Delphi for Linux) has the TMemIniFile class included. So, if you write in Delphi for Windows, you can use INI files in Kylix on Linux as well.
Posted on 2001-02-27 15:08:00 by rainbird
Thomas Jaeger: ...and still limit yourself to the platforms where delphi+friends are available.
Posted on 2001-02-28 05:05:00 by f0dder