Hi there, I'm getting this error:

LINK: warning LNK4089: all references to "SHELL32.DLL" discarded by /OPT:REF
Any ideas why? I've searched my build files for a comand switch like that but I can't find anyhting of the sort? I'm sure it's something really simple right under my nose! ;) Thanks, Ben This message was edited by cyberben, on 2/24/2001 12:44:42 AM
Posted on 2001-02-23 23:29:00 by cyberben
All that means is that lib was not needed by the linker. If you delete shell32.lib from your includelib list the warning message will go away.
Posted on 2001-02-24 00:49:00 by Ernie
Thanks... Ben
Posted on 2001-02-24 00:56:00 by cyberben