Hello. I would like to start learning WIN32 assambler but I need a good free debugger. ┐Could you help me Please ? Rommel Bilbao, Spain
Posted on 2001-02-24 05:46:00 by Rommel
Hi, debuggers can you find at http://www.protools.cjb.net and I will reccomend Soft Ice and OllyDbg V1.01.... Acid
Posted on 2001-02-24 07:30:00 by Acid_Cool_178
Softice isn't free, but Ollydbg is. There is also Turbo Debugger from Borland if you want to try it, but it's still a dos mode debugger. I use Ollydbg since it can take an exe file as a command line parameter, which means you can simply add it in the tools section and debug your code directly. That's until the asm Ide batch comes out and implement an integrated debugger with their editors...
Posted on 2001-02-24 08:33:00 by Silas
yo, I can recommend Windbg which is part of microsoft's "Debugging tools for Windows". It's quite convenient and especially useful if you're debuggin' your own code. It doesn't run on win9X however, though it can debug programs running on a WIN9x box. if you're running win2k or NT Go to http://www.microsoft.com/DDK/Debugging/default.htm for more info GeO
Posted on 2001-02-26 06:10:00 by GeO