Does anyone have a win32 asm src demo using jcalg1 - i just want to see some prog that simply compresses a file using the callback and alloc functions etc and then is able to decomp the same... I got the vc++ src but Im not really good at conv vc++ to asm - tried and it gave an error. I think its probably the mem alloc functions but would like to see some asm src on it Thanks James
Posted on 2001-02-25 00:01:00 by James
A decompressor routine was posted here a few days ago, check using some kind of compression (zip/rar/ace) in a single exe file
Posted on 2001-02-25 00:23:00 by Ernie
Got that - now the hard part... Still need the compr src. James
Posted on 2001-02-25 04:50:00 by James
I've written quite a few routines for win32asm using jcalg email me what u want examples of & i'll send source (masm32) cheers Clive
Posted on 2001-02-28 16:24:00 by Entro-P