Sorry to disturb again with this topic, but I'm going crazy... I just finshed a 4-5 hours websearching session just to realize that there is no site at all dealing with spreadsheet programming in Windows. I mean explaining how to create a spreadsheet, just like how to create a DialogBox... Moreover, all the books I have on Windows programming don't write a single line on this topic, but only on text editing, create simple windows and so on... Possible that no one know nothing !!! Maybe I'm paranoid, but I think that these kind of information are missing because Microsoft wants everybody to use Excel... Regards, Saiwa
Posted on 2001-02-25 18:09:00 by Saiwa
maybe...but then again...i hope you dont expect to get an "free Excel plugin" just to include into your proggy and make a better Excel ... do you? after all what are the cells if not multiple edit fields? driven by some code :) ? Spreadsheets is just A LOT of WORK nothing special about it...(besides they are veru usefull) and hellas there are no windows API special designed to assist your work... I guess you have to make your own Excel...if you think you can do it :D... i have seen some (like the german 602 TAB that is also free) or the SUN's STAR OFFICE (free for personal use)... PS. i dont use Excel :D This message was edited by BogdanOntanu, on 2/25/2001 6:43:31 PM
Posted on 2001-02-25 18:41:00 by BogdanOntanu
Ok, I'm going crazy... but not so crazy to program a new Excel by myself !! Here are the facts: suppose I want to write a very simple application dealing with data analysis. The user probably needs to input a lot of data (numbers) and, even if I know there are a lot of ways to do so with standard windows, I think the best way to do it is using spreadsheet. Let's talk about a very simple example: suppose I want to perform a linear regression between to sets of data each consisting of 25 entries (I mean see if couples of 25 (X,Y) data fit on a line). If I can set up a window with two editable columns, in other words a spreadsheet, it would be very easy for the user to enter his datas (and to check them) or to change a single input in a later session; moreover it would be easy for me to perform various statistical analysis on them. I already programmed such an application using console input and output, but now I would like to use these wonderful (???) windows possibilities. Here the problem is to coding a little more advanced application other than MessageBoxes or DialogBoxes with simple editbox or pushbuttons. Maybe I am wrong, but I think that no one is really interested in developing application that really do something that one would need... Sorry if I have been hard on this, but is late, I'm very tired and tomorrow is Monday (another hard day working). Regards, Saiwa
Posted on 2001-02-25 19:00:00 by Saiwa
It seems to me that your are looking for a function that does all the work. there is no invoke SpreadSheet function, you have to do all the input and gui stuff yourself.
Posted on 2001-02-25 19:30:00 by mega
I use Excel everyday at work. There are many times I feel like erasing it from the hard drive, but it's not so bad. Many years of experience went into designing it, and it's very useful. Maybe, you should take a look at it. VBE is very easy to learn and you could program you tool in it and use Excel for whatever you want. If you want a good free spreadsheet - there are some for Linux which are very good. If you want to write one in assembler - you are already crazy, no driving needed :P Just kidding, a real simple one wouldn't be that hard I suppose. I would look at your goal and try to find a better path to a solution. Take care, bitRAKE
Posted on 2001-02-25 19:34:00 by bitRAKE
Ok, thanks to everybody. I will work on this, 'cause I think is worthwhiling. Anyway, any suggestion will be appreciated... Bye, Saiwa
Posted on 2001-02-26 04:29:00 by Saiwa
saiwa, If you can read C/C++ then I suggest browsing around CodeGuru they have a spreatshhet there, I think the author discusses it's operation, even if he doesn't the source code is there, you can figure it out from that. I'll warn you now, it's BIG umbongo
Posted on 2001-02-26 04:49:00 by umbongo